Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Last night's recording session went... OK, I think.  As is usually the case with things like this, I spent the week leading up to the session in somewhat of a panic because I'd never arranged horns before and had no idea how or where to start... then I came up with some ideas, played them for the producers and they seemed pleased... so I walked to the session feeling pretty confident and prepared... and then I met the actual players and realized that I was woefully underprepared and that I should have written charts and maybe bothered to listen to some music with horns so I could figure out the best way to voice tenor sax, trombone and trumpet...

...but the horn players got the ideas I was trying to convey, and we actually finished about 2 hours ahead of schedule, and we left the studio feeling pretty good about the evening....

...but now, of course, when I hear the recordings in my head, they basically just scream out "Hi, these were horn arrangements written by someone who's never written horn arrangements before", and now I want to throw them out and start over, now that I have a better idea of (a) what I'm doing and (b) what the songs actually need.

This always happens. 

I think I need to get a keyboard.  I'm thinking about selling my Fender Twin (which I will probably never have an occasion to use again) and getting a Nord, although they're absurdly expensive (and anyway, if I'm getting rid of my Twin, I'll probably want to replace it with a Vox15 or something).  I'm being as aggressive as I can in paying off my credit card debt, though, and something like a Nord is just too much to hack right now...

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