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My brother just sent me the Wikipedia page detailing all the problems that got solved by MacGyver. Thank you, internet.

The previous post gave me an idea; I was going to do my top 10 songs of 2008 so far. Thing is, I've not really acquired that much music this year, and of the stuff I've bought, maybe only half of it actually came out this year.

Still, the afternoon is slow (or, at least, slow enough to allow for random 5-minute bursts of iPod scrolling), so here's my shortlist.

In no particular order:

The Big Sleep, "Pinkies"
Tokyo Police Club, "Your English is Good"
French Kicks, "Abandon"
Dosh, "Don't Wait for the Needle to Drop"
Death Cab, "Cath"
Black Keys, "Strange Times"
Sigur Ros, "Gobbledigook"
the new album by dosh is great, i agree. however i never can stand sigur rós. i ve tried to, but birgisson's voice just irritates me, and the harmonies . . . well in my taste it is just too much. what is it i miss in them that makes so many like them? possibly you cant tell me that, but perhaps you could tell me why you like this tune :)
It's funny you say that. There was a point a few years ago when I couldn't listen to Sigur Ros at all; I had broken up with a girl and I ended up listening to one of their songs nonstop for about a week, and for years afterwards I couldn't listen to them without being brought back to that point. That being said, I think their music is really quite beautiful. This new song is quite a departure for them, too - it's upbeat and fun and, well, different from what they normally do.
Can't say I've heard them. I've heard of them, but haven't actually checked them out.