Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

I am not giving up on the Yankees this season, but I have decided to not watch any more games. Last night I was flipping around and every time I turned the game on, something bad happened: Jeter grounding into an inning-ending double play, Ponson giving up a 3-run home run, Cano nailing a line drive, only to be snared by the 1st baseman, killing a rally. This has happened to me pretty much the entire season - I turn the game on right in time to see something bad happen. My superstitions in terms of the Yankees run deep; it used to be that they would score a pivotal run only when I went to the bathroom, and then it used to be that they could only win a playoff game if I listened to it on the radio. So, now, I'm not watching any more games this season, if I can help it. (I might be superstitious, but have you seen Giambi's porn stache? Dude had 6 RBIs last night.)

I will say this, though - I am totally behind for the Rays. Even if it means the Yankees miss the playoffs, the Rays are an amazing baseball story. If the Yanks can't beat the Red Sox, at least the Rays can.

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