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1. Today's absurd Batman 3 rumors are: Johnny Depp as Riddler, Philip Seymour Hoffman as Penguin, and Angelina Jolie as Catwoman. It should be noted that the Depp/Hoffman rumors are part of the same rumor, whereas the Angie rumor came from a separate source. I don't buy any of them, and frankly I think Angie has jumped the shark, but GODDAMN a Depp/PSH evil duo would be pretty fucking exciting, and it's not completely implausible. I can't imagine Chris Nolan doing anything right now besides lounging in a jacuzzi filled with hundred-dollar bills, so consider this the fevered dreams of an anonymous internet geek.

2. Last night I finally - FINALLY - figured out how to get Reason working inside ProTools (specifically, Reason song files that I'd previously recorded separately) which means I am one step closer to world domination. My last major learning curve hurdle is related to my software drums, and how to get them onto individual tracks for mixing and monitoring. I can't stress enough how last weekend's studio redesign has totally gotten me back in the game, creatively speaking.

3. The recent trades in Yankee-land are quite intriguing, I gotta say. I'm not convinced that the Yankees can make it into the postseason with a rotation featuring Ponson and Rasner, but if they do, I feel pretty confident with Joba, Pettite and Mussina as a 1-2-3. I was kinda hoping Manny would be traded out of the AL East, but then again, he might very well go into Operation Shutdown anyway, even though it would be detrimental to securing his next contract - this is Manny, after all, and Manny does what Manny do.

That's it and that's all.
Seems to me that Depp may be too high-profile for Nolan, though I agree it would possibly be cool (after Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, I'm not so sure though... Depp may have jumped the shark himself).

But the Hoffman rumor sounds completely plausible and exciting!
I don't know. Depp had no problem being the only good thing about the Pirates movies, and after seeing what Heath did with the Joker, he might very well feel like he can take some risks with Riddler. Considering the already A-List ensemble cast the Batman movies are enjoying, I could totally see him getting on board, if he felt the script was good enough. Personally, I think getting PSH on board would be a tougher sell - but, then again, he did do MI:3.
I'm not doubting that Depp would do it. I'm doubting that Nolan would cast him. I just think he'd probably try to go for a more unexpected choice as he did with Heath. And Depp being so tied to Burton, that seems like an association the new franchise would go to great lengths to avoid.

Hofmann might very well scoff at it, but I don't know. He could have some fun with that role. It would certainly be a different move for him and an unexpected choice (from the perspective of mainstream media).