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1.  We loved Tropic Thunder and we're intrigued by Hamlet 2 (and I adored Tristram Shandy and Kath loved 24 Hour Party People), so we've had Steve Coogan on the brain a lot lately.  And so before she left for the weekend, Kath and I watched a few episodes of our Netflix'd copy of Season 1 of "I'm Alan Partridge" and immediately it became one of our favorite shows ever.  I was confused, though, because I had been under the impression than Alan Partridge hosted a TV variety show, not a 4:00am radio call-in show.  So imagine my glee when I discovered what I'd been missing.  (Our deluxe Alan Partridge DVD extravaganza arrives (hopefully) tomorrow.)

Question:  who would win in an awkwardness competition, Alan Partridge or David Brent?  They're both incredibly self-absorbed and completely oblivious, but Alan actually lived the dream for a little while, whereas David Brent both thinks he is living the dream and still has further dreams to be dreamed, as it were. 

Bonus:   we (obviously) have a long way to go in terms of getting caught up with Alan Partridge trivia, but it was super-cool to see a pre-Spaced Simon Pegg as an industrial commercial director. 

2.  nounsandverbs sent over a CD of all the stuff we recorded together in the early 90s, and it is both hilarious and frightening.  There's one song in particular that (a) still sounds pretty good, 15 years later, and (b) has maybe the most embarrassing set of lyrics I ever wrote, ever, and yet it's sung with such conviction that I almost sell it.  Key word in that sentence is "almost", of course, because JESUS CHRIST WHAT WAS I THINKING, and WHY DID NOBODY STOP ME.   I played it for Kath when she got home and I must admit I spent most of it curled up in the fetal position. 
I think the organ blends quite nicely, at least at the end. (Was that you who played it? I seem to recall strolling into the studio and it had already been recorded.) And at any rate - there are about a zillion things going on during that song; the cello might be a little low, but it's still there.

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i remember it too!
If the cello line you're referring to is the one I played, it's interesting to me that I still hum it to myself once in a while...it was a pretty good little lick. I also remember the eleventeen takes it took to get is right...jeeeeez, was I ever a studio noob, even after decades of playing professionally. YIKES! Dad
Re: i remember it too!
Check your email, Dad - I sent it to you this morning.