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Don't have much to say in the way of the debate; I thought it was a tie.  Obama held his own, and considering that foreign policy is right up McCain's wheelhouse, holding his own is pretty important.  No major gaffes, no real punches thrown.   I'm looking ahead to next week's VP debate in much the same way as I would a car crash further up the road.

So, then, via a bunch of people, most recently toryncat :  an iTunes meme.

How many songs?   10855 songs
How many hours or days of music?  31.7 days
Most recently played?  "Blind", TV on the Radio
Most played?  "Abandon", French Kicks
Most recently added?  "I Shall Be Released", Wilco with Fleet Foxes

Sort by song title:
First Song:  "A-Town Test Site", Deerhoof
Last Song:  "?", MF Doom featuring Kurious

Sort by time:
Shortest Song:  "Track 11", The Sea and Cake, 0:06
Longest Song:  "In C", Terry Riley, 45:32

Sort by album:
First album:  "Abacab", Genesis
Last album:  "( )", Sigur Ros

First song that comes up on Shuffle:  "Rich Woman", Robert Plant & Allison Kraus

Search the following and state how many songs come up:
Death -  116
Life -  174
Love -  392
Hate -  31
You -  1168
Sex - 40
See, I thought Obama won. He did a great job countering McCain's attacks, and was definitely the smoother speaker. McCain reminded me of Grandpa Simpson at times with his rambling monologues.

The undecideds that CBS was tracking thought Obama had won the debate too by about 2:1, I noticed.
I was watching CNN; they had this weird audience tracker thing (tracking Republican, Democrat and Independent response) and it seemed to me that the Independent enthusiasm levels were pretty much in line with the Democrats, whereas Republicans were alone. This bodes well for an Obama victory, without question.

Most people give the debate to Obama; even Fox News had to concede that Obama held his own. My wife, who was watching with some friends elsewhere, clearly felt Obama won.

I'm not saying Obama was bad; I'm saying that he, to me, wasn't strong enough; he was countering McCain's attacks, yes, but all that means is that he was playing defense during the times when he wasn't actually answering the questions being asked. He had a few zingers, but he never went for the jugular.

That said - everybody knows that foreign policy is McCain's strong suit; had this been about the economy, or, really, anything domestic related, Obama would have wiped the floor with him. It's hard to fathom why McCain would have wanted to postpone this particular debate, given the debate's subject matter; aside from being his strong suit, it's also the first real opportunity for everybody to focus on something BESIDES the tanking economy.
I gotcha. I have a feeling Palin is going to do the same things McCain did. Try to paint Obama/Biden as extreme liberals, say one snarky thing after another, and reiterate party line beliefs like lowering taxes, supporting the War(s), and drilling for more oil.

If they do that, I don't think that will speak well to voters. Like you said, if the undecideds are seeing through this same old same old strategy to politics, McCain's going to be in trouble.
I think Palin is going to TRY to do the same things McCain did, but if you've seen any of Palin's interview with Katie Couric over this past week, she's going to have a hard time saying anything coherent. Even more, I think Biden is going to throw the hammer down.