Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1.  I was nervous before the debate last night, and if Kath and I hadn't been playing PalinBingo during the debate, we probably would have completely freaked out.  I was indeed hoping that Palin would crash and burn, and I was disappointed that she didn't; it would have made the next 5 weeks a lot easier to handle.

That said, while the right is all smiles because she managed to overcome the absurdly low expectations of her by not falling down, and not committing any major gaffes, that shouldn't in and of itself mean that it was a slam dunk.  For one thing, while she did manage to speak somewhat more coherently in this debate than in her recent spate of interviews, she still basically only spoke in rehearsed, bullet-point catchphrases.  Had the moderator been allowed to simply ask "Why?" or "Could you please explain your answer?", we would've been back in the stratosphere.

For another thing, focusing on Palin's non-failure completely ignores the fact that Biden was absolutely magnificent.  He would have won this debate anyway, regardless of who he went up against; he was forceful without being a dick, he was passionate, he was specific, he actually answered the questions he was asked.  

I'll say this, too:  I can't fucking stand smugness in politicians.  I suppose I can begrudginly accept it from McCain, if only because, well, he's got experience and gravitas and has maybe sort of earned the right to be smug.  But Palin, who was a total nobody until a month ago, pulled out all the stops on the smug-o-meter and I just wanted to punch her in the face.  And that "gee, golly, you betcha" folksy bullshit isn't playing with me.  Then again, she did manage to call everybody on the East Coast a bunch of out of touch elitists; I wonder how that will play to the rednecks of West Verginny.

PS - both Kath and I scored a Bingo.

2.  Lots of good music ravaging my eardrums this week, most notably next week's Deerhoof album which is actually already out on iTunes.  I kinda can't wrap my head around how prolific they are - they've put out an absurd amount of albums in a rather short period of time, and it's not like they're writing simple pop songs.  This new one is probably the most musical and accessible one they've made - which is not to say it's not from outer space.  Also: I had no idea that Don Caballero released a new album earlier this summer, but there it is.  It's certainly not vintage Don Cab, but I must confess I kinda like it. 

3.  We fly tomorrow to Columbus, Ohio for a wedding; I'm picking up my new suit after work.  I haven't bought a suit in maybe 6 years, and I'm just too damned fat to fit into that one.  I'm a wee bit concerned about this one, though; I spent quite a bit on it, and I'm a little afraid that when I see it again today, I'm going to look like a douchebag/pimp.  This suit is meant to get me through 3 weddings and a memorial service, all of which take place in the next 5 weeks; I'm crossing my fingers and hoping it'll look OK.  You'll know if it worked or not if we post any pictures on Facebook, I guess.


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