Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Back in NYC and back at work, after a very nice wedding and weekend in Columbus, Ohio.  Columbus is actually kind of a neat little city, if you can get past the non-stop OHIO STATE / GO BUCKEYES that assaults the senses.  I'm not sure I could live in a city that revolves so specifically around college football, but since Ohio State was playing an away game this weekend, we got to see a bit of what the city is actually like.  Even better, the Mid-Ohio-Comicon was taking place at the convention center which was literally across the street from our hotel; Lou Ferrigno and Jason Mewes were there, and I managed to snag an out-of-print R. Crumb collection, which was the last thing I expected to be able to find there.  As most of the NYC posse at this wedding are all comic nerds (as was the groom himself), this was the best weekend it could have possibly been.

(On a TMI note, I should note that I managed to get through this entire weekend - flights, wedding, etc. - without needing any Immodium or Pepto, which is VERY ENCOURAGING.  My doctor recently upped my Levothyroxine dosage from 25 to 50mcg; it remains unclear whether getting my thyroid straightened out has anything to do with getting my IBS under control, but hey - even if it's simply a placebo effect, I'll take it.)

The new Blizten Trapper record is FANTASTIC; it will probably end up in my top 3 of the year.  So much good music has come out recently, and that's not including the new TVOTR, which everybody else loves except me.

I'm debating whether I should watch the debate tonight (ha!); my distaste for McCain/Palin is ever increasing, and these debates aren't really intended for people who've already made up their minds.  The first debate was about foreign policy, which was supposed to be McCain's big advantage over Obama; Obama held his own.  Tonight's debate is in a town hall format, which is (again) supposed to be McCain's big advantage over Obama, who supposedly isn't as strong when he's not reading prepared statements; I have a feeling that Obama will hold his own.  Obama has the issues on his side, as well as the momentum; McCain is going to go negative and ugly and I'm not entirely sure I feel like watching that.

We watched The Foot Fist Way last night, solely because Patton Oswalt raved about it last year.  Was it the funniest movie we'd ever seen?  No.  But it is pretty awesome.


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