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I'm trying not to be nervous, even though, for the first time in my adult life, I can personally feel the effects of the economy's freefall. Kath and I put $3000 in a Fidelity investment account in late 2006, and right now, at this very moment, it's just under $2400, and it's bleeding like crazy. It was an amount we were willing to gamble, and we're prepared to sit this thing through until we come out the other side. But it's a bit nerve-wracking to be sitting here, doing nothing, watching it evaporate.

But that's not why I'm nervous.

I think I'm nervous because of the McCain/Palin lynch mob/hatefests that have been happening this week. Maybe you've heard about them, or maybe the mainstream media isn't quite covering it in the amount of detail necessary to appreciate what exactly is happening, or perhaps you watch Fox and are convinced that, as Cindy McCain would have you believe, it's actually OBAMA who's running "the nastiest campaign in history."

I'm not worried about their effects on the polls; the more extreme they get over there, the better Obama's numbers get. And Obama's seen this coming from the very beginning, and he's been on top of every single smear that's come his way, even when it was HRC and not the GOP who was slinging it. And when you think about it, if Obama actually WAS a terrorist, don't you think he'd be in Gitmo by now?

No, what I'm worried about is that one of these yahoos is going to go to one of these McCain/Palin rallies, get juiced up on all the "Socialist!" "Terrorist!" "Kill him!" frenzy that's going on, and, well, do something stupid.

And you'd better believe that if something happens to Obama, shit is going to get REAL. This won't be like JFK, where a nation was stunned and rendered catatonic; this wouldn't even be like Rodney King. If Obama goes, there's going to be a war.

It just sucks that the assholes are the ones that have all the guns.
yeah I completely Agree. McCain and Palin are looking worse and worse by allowing this type of stuff to happen. They have no other options and I think they know they have lost, so they pull out the only option they have...pure attacks, racism, and hatred. There is nothing positive at all coming from their campaign. It is all attack. And unless the country is as stupid as I hope it isn't, they should lose by a very large margin.

If something like assassination were to happen to Obama (actually a fairly big fear), then I agree that the country would collapse the rest of the way and go into a full out war.

Since I am now in a "battleground state" for the first time in a long time....every ad I see on TV is political. Every McCain ad is just a pure character attack. The Obama ads are positive and showing his plans for healthcare and the economy, etc. Obama by far is looking and acting more presidential, whereas McCain is just becoming a bitter old man with a VP candidate who is just an attack dog with scripted "zingers" who plays her sexism by doing dumb shit like winking at the camera, but has no real substance
I just read the results of a Fox News poll (!) that, among other things, indicates that all this Ayers/ACORN/Wright bullshit is having -zero- effect on the poll numbers - in fact, it's turning independent voters away from the McCain/Palin ticket. In any other election this amount of negative campaigning might work, but with the economy in freefall and everything else that's fucked up in the world, McCain/Palin are offering nothing in the way of answers, and I think that's starting to piss off a lot of independent voters who want to know how we're going to get out of this nightmare.