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It's probably too soon to start doing my 2008 Year in Music review - it's not even November - but I had some free time just now and decided to take inventory of everything I've put on my iPod this year, and, well, I guess I didn't reduce my intake after all. 

109 Albums got put on my iPod this year.
27 of those Albums are actual, 2008 Albums.
(4 of those 27 are actually Comedy albums.)

Of the 109 albums, 27 were not paid for, and 15 were imported from old CDs that I hadn't yet gotten around to.  It should be noted, though, that of the 27 I didn't pay for, none of them were actively sought out; they were either gifts or free stuff that other people sent me unprovoked.

I'm almost positive that I'm done acquiring new music this year, though.  So maybe this will end up coming sooner rather than later.
although i haven't uploaded nearly as many albums onto the dinosaur of my ipod, i paid for none of them. i borrowed all of them (with the exception of REM, which someone who shall remain nameless bought off itunes for me) from the queens public library and assorted other long island libraries!