Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

1.  There's talk every now and then on Deadspin, wondering if Bill Simmons is trying to get fired from ESPN; it's been reported from a lot of sources that he's become pretty unhappy.  I wonder if this paragraph from his NBA predictions column can be used as further evidence to support that claim:

What is a sunk cost? In financial terms, it's a lost cause -- you're paying for something that has lost its value to you. Let's say I spent $200 on one of those beautiful, 6-foot-high, glass-blown water bongs and named it Barack Obonga. And let's say I smoked a little too much of the special hydro weed they give to cancer patients, decided someone was watching me through my front window, ran outside in my underwear with a baseball bat, and eventually spent the next two hours sitting in a tree waiting for the imaginary guy to come back before my neighbors called the police. And let's say the whole experience made me say, "You know what? I need to quit smoking pot, it's making me a little crazy." Maybe I'd try to sell the bong on Craigslist to no avail, and none of my friends would take it because there's nothing grosser than owning someone else's bong. At that specific point, Barack Obonga would become a sunk cost; that money is out the window. It's gone. I need to accept this fact and move on.

2.  Behold:  The Great Flydini.

3.  I am broke.  First time that's happened in a while.  Payday is on Friday, so, hooray, but godDAMN. 

I need to get paid, and then I need it to be next Tuesday so I can vote and get the hell on with my life.  If we're not Facebook friends, count your lucky stars because I've been inundating it with political crap pretty much nonstop, and even I'm getting a little embarassed by it.  But then again, if you're voting for McCain because you think Barack Hussein Osama is a baby-murdering socialist Muslim terrorist who is also the Antichrist  - and if you've been listening to the McCain/Palin fear-o-thon for the last month, it's not entirely clear which of those 5 adjectives is the worst - then maybe I haven't done enough.  I'm not saying my Facebook friends actually believe any of that stuff.  But then again, maybe they know someone who does.

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