Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Work has been little strange lately.  I'm not entirely sure I know how to describe it.  I don't think anybody here is worried about losing their jobs - we're one of the biggest law firms in the world - but the economic collapse means that a lot of cases are opting to settle instead of going through protracted litigations, which means there's not a tremendous amount for us to do, and as a result I've been feeling somewhat disconnected from this job. 

I followed the Popless column on The AV Club this year; I didn't read all of it, but I appreciated the project's ambitions and certainly thought a lot about doing the same thing myself.  (For those of you who weren't following along, Popless was written by one of the AV Club's music critics, Noel Murray, who decided to spend 2008 not listening to new music, but instead going through his existing library and talking about what he found and rediscovered.)  In any event, today's Epilogue 1 is a fantastic read even if you weren't following along all year; I related to pretty much the whole thing, and I listened to quite a bit of new music this year. 

Speaking of which, my Best of 2008 lists will be coming soon; there's a few bits and pieces here and there that I want to catch up on, but for the most part everything seems to be taking shape.  That said, I bought The Police: Certifiable on Blu-Ray over the holiday weekend, and it's fucking fantastic and the 2 live CDs that come along with it may end up in my top 10.  There's an hour-long documentary on the DVD, shot by Stewart Copeland's son, which goes into great detail about the reherasal process for the tour, and I must say I'm (a) surprised and (b) very grateful that they showed as much in-studio bickering as they did.   A lot of the Stewart/Sting arguing took me right back to Good Evening's salad days, for better or worse.  But it's arguing about music, about playing fast or slow or loud or soft or pushing or pulling or accenting or grooving, and you learn a great deal about their creative process as a result. 

Oh - I was able to pick up a Storm.  At a Best Buy Mobile, which was surprising given that the Verizon Wireless retail store across the street from the BBM not only didn't have it, but wasn't even sure when they'd be getting it in stock.  I'm pretty happy with it; haven't really made that many calls with it just yet, but it does the internet and e-mail just fine, and I've been enjoying catching up on my RSS feeds during my morning's commute instead of playing endless sudoku puzzles.  There's supposedly a firmware update coming in the next week or so that will improve the battery performance and the sluggish response times, which will be much appreciated.


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