Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

...and a Happy New Year to you all.

I've been at work since 8am this morning and could very well be here until midnight, for all I know.  Good times.  My body is stiff and sore from playing Rock Band with Kath for literally 10 hours in a row yesterday, which was a fantastic way to start the new year but which has also made today pretty goddamned rough.

I didn't do any end-of-2008 meme, or at least, not yet; work has been crazy for the last few weeks and since most of my LJ posting is done (t)here it's hard to know when I'll get that much time together to do one properly.  My big plan for 2009 is basically just to get my shit together - to be fitter, happier and more productive.  And I'd like to post here on a more-regular basis; I'm not entirely sure why I've abandoned this space recently, other than there hasn't been a whole lot going on that's terribly interesting. 

Part of getting my shit together, though, is figuring out whether or not I'm going to go Popless.  The Onion's AV Club had a fantastic feature last year, where one of its music critics went a whole year without listening to anything new and instead went through his entire music collection from A-Z.  I've spent an absurd amount of money on music for the 3rd year in a row and this cannot continue, not to mention that I've got an absurd amount of music that I haven't listened to in years, or, really, ever. 

I'm not sure I have the discipline or the self-restraint to go through with a Popless year, though, and to prove it I just looked at Metacritic's 2009 Release Calendar just to see what I'd be missing.  Going Popless through March means I'd be missing the new AC Newman, Andrew Bird, Mos Def, Morrissey, Neko Case, and U2 albums; the rest of the year could feature Blur, Peter Gabriel, the Avalanches, MF Doom / Ghostface, Massive Attack, New Pornographers, Postal Service, Stars, Tortoise, Wilco, the Wrens.  Jesus Fuck.  

Maybe I'll have to make a few allowances here and there.  

In any event - I do sincerely hope that 2009 finds you all well.  Just think - Obama will be President in less than a month.  For all the anxiety we all went through last fall, I feel like I've totally forgotten that Obama is going to come in and start getting shit done.  Then again, since the election, the world has basically gone to shit, so I suppose it's understandable to forget to have something to look forward to.

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