Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

This time last year, I was surging on a wave of post-Giants-winning-the-Superbowl excitement and adrenaline because I had signed up for the RPM Challenge.*  I ended up failing the RPM Challenge rather badly; at the time I chalked it up to technical difficulties (which was certainly true), but with the benefit of hindsight it's pretty clear to me that I was fucking around with technology that I didn't know how to use instead of just sitting down and writing.  I did get 2 or 3 recordings out of it, but certainly not the 40 minutes I was aiming for.

I'm not doing the RPM Challenge this year, either, but that's not to say that I'm not plotting and scheming.  Last week I downloaded the ProTools 8 upgrade, and tomorrow I should receive my Reason 4 upgrade.  It's true that I should probably get a new external hard drive (because PT8 is not playing nice with my current drive, for some strange reason), but I'm finally at a point where I don't have any other technical limitations except my own rustiness with the software.  My PC can handle everything I've been throwing at it.  I've been kinda tinkering a litlte bit over the last few days, mostly just in terms of getting familiar with the newness of PT8 and getting reacquainted with all the stuff I'd forgotten how to do. 

All this is in service of.... what, exactly?  I'm not sure.  I've not really done any recording in a long while, and nor have I done any writing.  I think I needed to take a bit of a mental break; I had been writing myself into death spirals and taking even the smallest step felt like some herculean effort.  But I'm feeling ready to start making stuff again.  I don't even necessarily care what.  I've been listening to nothing but Dosh for the last few weeks, so I would expect that I'll start by messing around with loops (which is something that PT8 is supposedly really good at, finally), but I'm not going to pigeonhole myself into writing in a particular voice, which is something that I've always done and which has always left me feeling somewhat strangled.  I'm just going to do it.  

Updates to come.

*(The RPM Challenge is the musician's answer to the author's November Write A Novel thing, whose proper acronym is escaping me at the moment.  NaNoWriMo?) 

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