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There's a million things going on right now, and I hope to get into them later today; but I am finally allowed to formally announce the release of the record I was working on last year.  I did most of the piano/organ on it, and while I didn't write any of the songs, I did have a pretty big hand in the arrangements.  We recorded it in the same studio where Sufjan Stevens recorded "Illinoise"; I got to play the same piano! 

Anyway:  please to enjoy Ali Hoffman's "This Side of Morning," which you can mess around with here: http://wingcourtrecords.com/

Her MySpace site is IMPOSSIBLE TO READ, but I like the music.

How come you couldn't talk about it until now? Were you under NDA or something?
I wasn't under an official NDA, but Joe (exec producer) asked me not to say anything about it until he could officially launch the website.