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If you're a Facebook friend of mine, you might already know this:  Kath and I are sorta kinda maybe thinking about moving to Brooklyn. 

We dearly love Astoria, which we definitely haven't explored enough; and we especially love our apartment, which is easily the best place I've lived in my 16+ years of NYC living (!); but we miss our friends.  I especially feel terrible for making anybody make the long trudge out to our place, and I am very much aware of how much I've missed by not making the trip out to Brooklyn, what with the social anxiety and the stomach issues and the long long train rides.  

The other thing lurking in the back of our minds is that we may one day have kids, and even though we currently have a 2BR there's no way we could have a kid in our current place.

We're not going to be doing this immediately; we've got at least 6 months left on paying off a loan that we took out to help pay off our credit card debts, and the money we spend on the loan is money that could get us a better place when we do move.  Kath is also in a local dodgeball league here.  And if nothing else, I'd love to spend more time at the Bohemian Beer Garden this summer while it's still within walking distance. 

But as I said before, I miss my friends.  And I think that being closer to them, thereby making it easier to see them, would go a long way towards helping me out with my aforementioned anxiety issues.  And in this economy, prices are coming down; I'm seeing lots of interesting options on Craigslist, and I'm sure if we decided to go with a broker we'd find even better options.  (I'm not as anti-broker as I used to be - we found our current place through Century 21, literally hours after the owner put it on the market.) 

So:  if you happen to hear of a small-dog-friendly 3BR in a good neighborhood for under $2000 (which is apparently possible and not a joke, according to Craigslist), let me know. 
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Not necessarily. We'd prefer to live near the bigger subway lines - the B/D/F, N/R, etc. Obviously we'd like a neighborhood that's safe, fun, has the necessary amenities, and is near people we know. That's pretty much about it, though - we have friends all over Brooklyn. Bay Ridge probably has the most options in terms of what we need and can afford.
I totally hear you on wanting to be closer to friends. I'm having some soul-searching on that issue myself lately.
bay ridge
jer, bay ridge is nice, but if you're still working in midtown that commute to and from could become a pain in the ass. i mean you could catch the N train, but if stuck on the R, you're looking at a good 45 minutes to an hour (that's if you're not stuck in train traffic). and forget about going to manhattan on the weekend without wishing you could kill yourself, the mta, on the train ride home. bay ridge is probably why ally and i dont go to manhattan as often as we used to.