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1.  My aunt Hope (my stepfather's sister) passed away on Sunday morning at the age of 63.   She was in great health, great spirits, and then suddenly she was in the hospital with pneumonia and meningitis; she spent 5 weeks in a medicated coma, and slowly fell apart.  Her death is as tragic as it is horrifying.  The family is in a great deal of pain, shock and bewilderment.  

2.  Between that and the sudden burst of pollen in the air, I've been feeling pretty shitty.  I've also been feeling like a fat fuck; I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror yesterday as I waited in line for lunch, and my slight but supple moobs left me feeling ashamed.  While I was upstate this weekend for the funeral, I bought myself Wii Fit; I need to get in shape, but I also need to trick myself into doing it, because I am a lazy bastard.  I've been getting up early the last 3 days and getting into it; I have broken a light sweat but that may just be because it's been fucking crazy hot in our apartment.

3.  I have been in a deep Genesis obsession for the last month or so, and it was starting to drive me a little bonkers.  But I've found a great tonic for it - I've now become fully obsessed with Mastodon's "Crack the Skye".  I've never been one for heavy metal, but these guys are fucking amazing and it's way more prog than I was expecting.  I'm not sure if I'll get the earlier albums, though; everything I've read is that this one is less thrashy and more tune-ful, and I must admit I'd rather listen to that instead.

I'm still wondering what I'm going to do with this journal.  In the meantime, I'm on Facebook.
My Genesis obsession has been with everything up to and including Invisible Touch (which has not aged well at all), but primarily with Selling England, Foxtrot, Trick of the Tail, and Abacab. The new remasters/remixes are out-fucking-standing - the drums in particular sound brand-new, but everything just sounds crystal clear and there's lots of stuff in the mix that I never heard before. Even the extra tracks got the remix treatment - "Happy the Man" in particular sounds fucking incredible.
Dude. Let me be the first to stand up for Phil Collins before he was taken over by pod people. Peter Gabriel is an impossible act to follow but Phil did it as well as anybody could, and the post-PG years aren't nearly as bleak as they're made out to be. Lamb and Selling England are classics, but Abacab, Duke and Trick of the Tail are pretty great as well. If you want to blame anybody for the direction that Genesis took, blame Tony Banks.

But above all else, Phil could play the shit out of the drums, and the remasters basically put his drums front and center, and we are all better people for it. The remastered CDs also contain DVDs that sometimes feature live footage - there's some great stuff on the Trick of the Tail DVD from the first tour after PG left (it's probably on the same tour that Seconds Out is from) and there's a fucking FANTASTIC drum duel between Phil and Bill Bruford during "I Know What I Like".
Well, trading street cred for millions and millions of dollars when you're old and bald is a pretty even trade, I'm guessing.
Dude, I'm so sorry to hear about your aunt. I have two aunts in their late 60s and early 70s, and I've started to worry about their health. There's no easy way to deal with something sudden like what your family went through.

On other topics, I also have a pretty rockin' pair of moobs. I had them when I was skinny too; don't lose too much weight, or they'll look even bigger. I bought Wii Fit for the gf a couple of weeks ago, and she uses it every day. I use it occasionally (in addition to the 1-2 weekly gym visits), and I'm surprised how much of a sweat I work up.

Regarding Mastodon, CTS is definitely their proggiest album in the sense that it's probably their least all-out metal record -- much more singing on this one, longer songs, etc. Their previous, Blood Mountain, walks the metal/prog edge very closely, and the one before that (Leviathan) is probably more in the metal camp, although honestly that album also has my favorite riffs of theirs. Blood Mountain probably has the most technical freakouts (their tune 'Capillarian Crest' is pretty insane.)

I too love me some early Genesis. I think "Trick of the Tail" is pretty amazing. My bassist got me into Brand X, which is a side project Phil was in during the post-PG Genesis years. His drumming there is considerably mathier and nuttier than what I've heard of Genesis records of the same era.

Re: Mastodon - if what you say is true, I'm probably going to stick with CTS. There's a lot of layers in CTS, anyway - it's an album that I'm going to be listening to for a long time. I know I played a Mastodon song in Rock Band and it was a little on the heavy side compared to what's on CTS.

Re: Genesis - yeah, "Trick of the Tail" is really, really good. When I was 13 or 14, I desperately wanted "Lamb Lies Down on Broadway" for my birthday/Christmas, but my dad got me "Seconds Out" instead, and so while I was bummed, it introduced me to at least 3 or 4 songs on Trick of the Tail, so I feel like I know that album a lot better than I actually do. I checked out some Brand X a little while ago - it's not quite my speed but it's pretty interesting nonetheless.

Phil's drumming can be divided into 2 distinct eras, I think. Era 1 would be everything up to, let's say, "Duke" - the emphasis is on polyrhythms and grooves. Era 2 is Duke up to Invisible Touch (but also including his early solo stuff) - it was less about crazy rhythms and more about Hugh Padgham making his drums sound absolutely gigantic. Invisible Touch is all digital, and then after that he stopped caring about drumming altogether.

Although, it should be noted that a few years ago, the PG-era Genesis lineup got back together to re-record "It", which was apparently missing from a live concert of "Lamb" (I believe the story is that the tape machine ran out of tape); hearing a much older PG singing a much younger song is absolutely breathtaking, but it's even more exciting to hear Phil kick out the motherfucking jams. I'll send you the mp3, if you're interested.
Sure, I'd love to hear that mp3.

"Colony of Birchmen" is the Mastodon tune in Rock Band 2. Probably the most straightforward and tuneful song on 'Blood Mountain'.
I'll second this; I've been meaning to get "Blood Mountain" after noticing how prog and comparatively tuneful it was.
first of all, sorry about your loss! so horrible and i can really understand why you are all in chock! so intelligible with such a development on a heathy person.

and, i really enjoy reading your journal and would miss you if you decided to close it down, but it is your choice. i am not trying to convince you in any direction :) but a question of pure curiosity: in what way do you think facebook replaces LJ? i have to say i am no fan of facebook. have an account there, but only uses it very rarely. LJ is more provoking and funny. when i open my friend list at LJ i feel creativity and get really happy. when i open my home page at facebook i first of all wonna yarn, i just hate this short statuses. tells me nothing. leaves me empty. and after that i want to throw up, coz the interface is so repulsive... or is it the other way around? i wonna throw up first and then yarn? bah! anyway, i am just curious coz i just cant see any point i facebook :)))
Facebook doesn't really replace LJ; it's a different animal entirely. What I like about it, I guess, is that I have a personal relationship with a lot of the people on it, whereas on LJ, I don't really know anybody. If nothing else, my using Facebook means I don't post stupid, silly stuff on my LJ anymore - I use LJ for real writing.
sorry to hear about your aunt. take care