Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Right, this thing is still here.

1.  Finished watching the complete run of "Firefly" last night with Kath.  Show started off great, then kinda petered out a bit near the end; can't really blame the show's creators for that necessarily, since the network was being a bunch of assholes (as usual) and didn't know what the hell they were doing with it.  I think I still like the movie better, though, for whatever that's worth.

2.  I haven't written any music for my own purposes lately, but that's OK because I've been really busy writing and performing for other people.  Will have some tangible evidence of this soon, which I'll try to remember to put up here. 


Every time I read Infinite Jest, I feel compelled to suck it up and start writing the screenplay.  I don't care that it might even already be in the works; I just need to do it anyway, kinda like how the brittle old man in "Amelie" keeps painting that same (Monet?) painting year after year after year. 

When the book first came out, I had a very clear idea of how it should be cast; it's been 13 years since then, though, and now I have no ideas at all - Michael Cera keeps coming up in discussions, but as a friend noted yesterday, we didn't really buy him as a track star in "Juno", and I'm not sure I'd buy him as a top-ranked junior tennis player either.  Angelica Huston is probably too old to be the Moms.... no idea about Don Gately or Joelle (what mega-hot actress would consent to be hidden under a veil for an entire 10-15 episode run?  Scarlett Jo?)  But no matter. 

I think it can be done as a episodic series of 10-15 one-hour shows.  And since this is a pipe dream, let me get really crazy here.  It would be awesome to have great directors/visual stylists do each episode, or at least do certain scenes - David Lynch doing the Marathe-Steeply conversation, Aranofsky doing certain scenes at Ennet House, Gilliam directing the Antitoi Brother's sequence (all those mirrors!), Alfonso Cuaron doing the Eschaton... and last but not least, Michel Gondry and/or Jean-Pierre Juenet should direct brief snippets of JOI's filmography.  (Speaking of which - I was watching the Watchmen blu-ray the other day, specifically the "Maximum Movie Mode", which I must insist be the new standard for blu-ray extras - and so now I know how to incorporate the footnote experience for the DVD release.) 

I actually might really do this, just for the hell of it. 


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