Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Some things:

1.  Gig tonight at Rockwood, the official record release for Ali Hoffman.

2.  Feel like a total music fraud for not really being familiar with the Buzzcocks until earlier this week, especially since it took my younger brother watching an episode of "Entourage" and wanting me to cover "Why Can't I Touch It" to get me to take notice.

3.  Speaking of great music, the new Pinx album kicks a tremendous amount of ass.  nothinganything , you are amazing.

4.  Finished "Infinite Jest" last week, again.  My enthusiasm for writing a screenplay has been tempered a bit by (a) the craziness of my schedule of late and (b) reality, but I think I love that book now even more than I did when I first read it.

5.  And the new Pynchon, thus far, is tremendous.  Every review I've read has made some mention of The Big Lebowski, and they're not wrong.  Definitely the most accessible thing I've read of his, at least through the first 5 chapters.

If I were so inclined, this would be the part where I start navel-gazing.  But I'm not quite there yet.  


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