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Kinda hard to imagine Thomas Pynchon (and not, say, Tom Robbins) writing this paragraph, but there it is on p. 99 of "Inherent Vice":

"Back in his beach pad there was a velvet painting of Jesus riding goofyfoot on a rough-hewn board with outriggers, meant to suggest a crucifix, through surf seldom observed on the Sea of Galilee, though this hardly presented a challenge to Flip's faith.  What was "walking on water," if it wasn't Bible talk for surfing?  In Australia once, a local surfer, holding the biggest can of bear Flip had ever seen, had even sold him a fragment of the True Board."
Maybe it's because I've just read two detective novels in a row (re-read Yiddish Policemen's Union and read The City & The City), I'm having a hard time getting into Inherent Vice. I'm going to give it another push this weekend but so far, about 60 pages in, it's not grabbing me.
Interesting. Having just finished IJ, I'm actually easing into this one pretty quickly. In fact, I'm occasionally picking up a distinctly DFW-ish style in certain turns of phrase; I can't help but wonder if Pynchon read IJ and got a kick out of it.