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motivational speaking

Resume: updated and e-mailed to agency.

Gonna go back to Queens now and hopefully work on music, although my apathy is at an all-time high. Speaking of which, maybe today I should maybe NOT be. High. It's very easy for me these days to intend to hang out on my couch for a second, only to finally stand up a few hours later, having accomplished nothing. I shudder to think what would happen if I had internet access at my apartment - I could pretty much forget about working on music ever again.

But I gotta do something. I'm back to being broke again, and the market for temps is weak as hell right now. My friend Todd invited me to sit in for some NYU gig he's playing next week - that could be interesting. I gotta gig, man, I gotta start playing out. That's why I gotta get some sort of weekly gig happening - if I'm in stasis for too long, I go stale really quickly. If I were in a band, I'd at least feel like I was doing something musical on a weekly basis.

What I really gotta concentrate on right now is my singing. I've ignored the singing part for years now, and I'll never get anywhere until I start getting it together. I've always approached singing as just another part of the music, and that's basically death right there. Gotta find my voice and put it to good use.

Ah, I love these self-motivational speeches; for a second it almost feels like I've accomplished something...

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