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Mid-afternoon, now. The woman just called; it was nice to hear her voice. Feeling a little better - not as grumpy and anxious, but still kinda just... not... wanting to be here, I guess.

Was just cruising around on Diaryland - has anybody used them? It looks kinda tacky and cutesy. I want a manly online journal, dammit.

Should I talk about "Memento" and how it's been kicking my brain's ass all weekend?

Jdixon writes: Who would be a cool co-star in a Kevin Smith movie?

I pick John Cusack and Owen Wilson. JD picks Johnny Depp, Ben Stiller, and Janene Garafolo. We'd agree that Tenacious D should have a cameo appearance. Try as I might, I can't really think of any actresses for a KS movie... although since KS writes primarily from a male point of view (even when he's writing for female characters) that would kinda make sense.

*yawn* Gonna get some coffee.

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