Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes


Last night was a pleasant surprise - a bunch of us went to Luna Lounge for their Monday night "Eating It" Comedy Night, which was fucking hilarious. Jon Benjamin, the host, themed the show around his cousin's bar mitzvah, and hired a real bar mitzvah DJ to do between-set stuff, which was great; David Cross made a surprise appearance and did a great 20-minute set; Janeane Garafolo hung out in the audience and even did some bar mitzvah-inspired dancing madness; the whole thing was great. I was kinda curious to see how the underground NYC comics would treat recent events; most of them handled it with just the right amount of tastelessness, which is to say, not much. Our group of friends was personally invited by Mr. Cross to go across the street for beers at Max Fish, but at that point I was fried, drunk, and not really in the mood to hang out with celebrities.

Work today is pretty low-key, which is much appreciated.

Oysterhead is supposed to come out today, which I'm pretty excited about.

More soon.

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