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It's 4:23pm right now, and the computer network has been completely dead for about an hour. I'm not sure if it'll be up before I leave. But I'm bored and trying to procrastinate.

Not that I care that much, but I'm pretty sure that the other admins in my group hate me. I've been getting a lot of non-responses and weird looks from them lately. I've been temping at this company for the better part of a year and I can't really say I've met anybody that I'd want to be friends with, though, so I don't really know if I should attempt a reconciliation or not. My girlfriend has the same sort of deal with the people she temps with, too. I don't know know what it is about temps that make them so hated, but I do know that most of the people who work here are some of the most miserable bastards I've ever seen. If anything, I think it might be that temps aren't required to care about anything, and so they don't immediately hate everything, which makes them a bit perkier and cheerful. Don't get me wrong, though - I hate everything about this place. Yes, I'm able to do LJ on this thing, but by the same token, the network is catastrophically down at least once a week, so I'm not really on LJ. Or whatever.

Favorite line from the Oscars: "I took a little boy to see Gladiator and he cried through the whole thing. Of course, that might be because he didn't know who I was."

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