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In an incredibly grumpy mood today, and here's why: I fucking hate filing. I hate making 4 copies and filing those copies in addition to filing the original document. Especially when the original document is 70 pages long but somehow was stapled, which makes making copies that much more of a pain in the ass. But I think the problem is larger, and for those of you who are my roommate this probably isn't any consolation: something traumatic must have happened to me as a child, because I get incredibly pissed off when I have to be organized on someone else's behalf. I hated it when my mom wanted me to clean my room when I was a kid; my argument was that if I wanted to live in my own filth, that was my problem. But when I made the decision to clean my room, I was filled with a sense of self-worth and happiness.

This intense loathing of all things cleaning-related doesn't make any sense to me, especially since it's so excruciatingly particular. For example, I've been known to randomly vacuum out of my own volition, and I've accepted the idea of taking out the garbage before it spills out all over the kitchen floor, but I'm in total denial about washing the dishes. I HATE washing dishes. I go out of my way to use paper plates and avoiding silverware. Here's something absolutely true - I've stopped buying pints of ice cream in favor of these SmartOnes(TM) popsicles, not only because they're lower in cholesterol, but also because you don't need spoons.

I've driven many a roommate crazy with this admittedly bizarre neurosis, and I'm starting to drive my bosses crazy, too. Because I fucking HATE filing, especially when it's so fucking redundant. Why does ANYBODY need to have 4 copies of the same document? Especially if there's also an electronic copy? Even more especially when 2 of the copies are staying with the same person?!

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I also did something terrible last night; I bought a pack of cigarettes.

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