Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

My time here at this company keeps getting extended - now I have work through 10/26.

Today, my cubicle-mate is this much older woman, vaguely nun-like (nunnish?), with one of the worst tubercular coughs I've ever heard, who's incredibly grumpy and frequently talks to me about how anxious she is about the war. She just freaked out because she's trying to print a 156-page document from Acrobat and, 30 seconds later, the printer hasn't yet started to print. When I explained to her why not, she sighed and said, "I hate my life..." Which, when said by a 15-year-old, is normally just dismissed as melodrama and should be ignored. But this woman... well, if I was this woman I'd hate my life too.

Speaking of life-hating, I've been reading a number of random LJs this afternoon. I don't know why I find it bizarre, but the vast majority of LJers can't even legally drive. There's only so much "my life sux i have to much homework i'm so depressed well gotta go byeeeeeee" I can take before my left eye starts twitching.
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