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Total nightmare of a day so far, although I think from here on in it should be pretty chilled out. You should have seen what my insane boss was having me do. I can't even explain it, other than to say that it's incredibly hard to cut out 6-point fonts that have been printed on clear laser labels, and then to paste those mini-labels onto your insane boss' tax return, especially after you've had too much coffee and no smoke breaks and your hands are shaking somewhat violently.

However, the "Memento" community board is up and running. Unfortunately, nobody's seen the movie yet. But they will... oh yes, they will. Meanwhile, now that the office has cooled down a bit, I'm surfing for reviews and opinions all over the place. JDixon and I had some crazy conversations about it last night, and now I'm even more warped on it than before.

Blah. Not much else is going on. Hoping for a nap.

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