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Wow. Somehow, I managed to complete Phase I of the photo-archiving project from hell, which involved sorting over 1500 envelopes into chronological order (spanning '63 to '92) and logging each envelope's individual "envelope number", plus the photographs each envelope contains. Phase II is taking my handwritten logs and turning them into a sortable database. My brain is hurting just thinking about it. However, my supervisor doesn't know I've finished Phase I yet (especially since neither of us thought I'd finish it today), so, instead, I'll talk about my computer.

I don't have any games (yet), and I don't have internet access yet (although I did manage to find a phone outlet in my room, which I'll need to get turned on), but I spent some glorious hours last night listening to "Bitches Brew" on my (quite nice) HK speakers while transferring my college diary, which lived on 9 floppy disks, onto my hard drive; then sorting them chronologically (why not). Then typing up lyrics and putting them in their own folder. Then smoking pot and playing Pinball, Spider Solitaire, and Freecell while tripping out to the Windows Media Player visualizations. And of course doing some fucking around with display settings. And checking out the Encarta encyclopedia, which is actually pretty cool. There's a really dopey "Mind Maze" game, which is simply across-the-board trivia set in some castle.

This thing screams. Everything was loading up instantly; files were moving from folder to folder without blinking; the CD player hiccuped a couple times, but that's OK.

My Palm Pilot, however, was a bust; it arrived with a cracked LCD screen. They're sending me a new one early next week.

I'm such a geek. Whenever I've had a lucid moment today, I've been thinking about playing around on it, even though there's really nothing to play with. I'll have to get me some games, at least, until I can get online and really start wasting time.

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