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poorly written rant in two parts

***** Special note to any real-life friends or family who might read this: I got rid of my cell phone, so after 11/10 contact me through other means. ******

1. Why, when you contact your phone company, bank, cable company, etc., and the computerized voice asks you to enter your information (i.e., phone number, account number, etc.), and then, after 5 minutes or so, you get connected to another human being - why does that human being ask you for the same information you just entered electronically, especially when it sounds like they're TYPING your information as you give it to them, which would imply that whatever you typed in over the phone never got to the actual phone operator?

2. Let's say I want to cancel the voicemail on my home phone. Looking at my phone bill, they say "go to www.[nameofcompany].com to handle all your account needs." So, I got to their website, access my account info, and then... and then... nothing. Sure, you can add a whole bunch-o-stuff to your account, but you can't get rid of anything. Online, at any rate. Which means that when you call the company, you're already that much more agitated, which makes shit like #1 so fucking annoying.
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