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spent a good portion of last night re-organizing my cd wallets. (i don't have a stereo at the moment, so my discman is really the only way i can listen to any music.) here's the current jukebox selections (which happen to be in alphabetical order but totally by accident - i'm not that anal):

in the black one:
1. Television, "Marquee Moon"
2. Radiohead, "OK Computer"
3. Weezer, "Weezer"
4. Flaming Lips, "Soft Bulletin"
5. Built To Spill, "Keep It Like A Secret"
6. Slint, "Spiderland"
7. Blur, "13"
8. Beck, "Midnite Vultures"
9. Stereolab, "Transient Random-Noise Bursts..."
10. Beck, "Odelay"
11. Cornelius, "Fantasma"
12. Folk Implosion, "One Part Lullaby"

in the red one:
1. Lilys, "Eccsame the Photon Band"
2. Luna, "Pup Tent"
3. Pavement, "Terror Twilight"
4. Pavement, "Crooked Rain..."
5. Phish, "Farmhouse"
6. The Sea And Cake, "Oui"
7. Ween, "White Pepper"
8. Television, "Adventure"
9. Stereolab, "The First of the Microbe Hunters"
10. 5ive Style, "Miniature Portraits"

I need some coffee and then I might be able to talk about, well, anything. There are a few things I need to air out, especially what's happening with my grandmother.
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