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Rough morning, thus far, but more in terms of trying to stay awake than anything else. Had some drinks with the woman (well, I got drunk, at any rate), some good conversations - she even showed me some videotapes of pre-college theater she had done - and then several rounds of much needed lovin'. So it's rough, but I've got this sleepy sort of glow happening, which I suppose might look a little creepy, seeing as the glow is coming from a very disheveled-looking person. If this paragraph has made any sense, I'm counting it as a personal victory and a triumph against the tyranny of sleepy Wednesday mornings at work.

My mom called me this morning at my office at about 9:01am, scaring me half to death - I thought my grandmother had died, or something to that effect.

Christ. I've had it with this place. One of the other admins that I work with isn't coming today, which is perfect, because she had a lot of work to do that now I have to do to cover her. This is total bullshit. I'll post more when I finish this thing I have to do - I actually do have some non-work-related crap to talk about.

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