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there is nothing to do at work

(thank you, aimeeg)

what you would like to be called: Jeremy or Jervo'll do.

your favorite fruit: Clementines fucking rock.

the last novel you read: Cryptonomicon.

if you could be any appliance, what would you be: the George Foreman Lean Mean Grilling Machine, but not the grease pan.

if you could be a condiment, what would you be: honey mustard

do you like the smell of mothballs: I'm partial to it, yeah - I've got a similar affinity for the smell of gasoline, too.

do you eat french fries with vinegar: In small doses.

the cd in your cd player: Discman: Death Cab for Cutie, "The Photo Album". Stereo: Aceyalone, "Accepted Eclectic".

the three people living or dead whom you'd most like to share a meal with: David Foster Wallace, John McEntire, my girlfriend (who I haven't seen in a week)

metro or the bus: Subway, then walking. Anything but a bus.

ritz crackers or stoned wheat thins: Damn. I love both of 'em. But I gotta go with Triscuits, really.

snickers or reeses peanut butter cups: PBCs, hands down.

james dean or marlon brando (a streetcar named desire days NOT recently): Marlon, no question about it

the best way to kick the bucket: Steel-toed boot

the best three best bands in a line-up: 9pm: Dismemberment Plan. 10pm: Hum. 11pm: Radiohead.

favorite movie quote: Currently, it's from Rushmore: "Were you in the shit?" "Yeah, I was in the shit."

if you could be anyone for a day, who would you be: John McEntire. The dude does nothing except work with kick-ass bands in his own studio.

best cartoon character of all time: Jasper

favorite ramen flavor: (throws up)

band or singer/songwriter you're sorry you missed: Jeff Buckley. I'm still kicking myself in the ass on that one.

the worst day of the week and why: Sunday. Because Monday is right around the corner.

best stanley kubrick movie: 2001

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