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So, the Yankees lost the World Series. Mariano Rivera blew his first postseason save since 1997. But you know what? I'm OK with it. The D-Backs were the only team that didn't totally choke against the Yankees - I mean, if BK gets 2 more outs over 2 games, they win the series. And the Yankees have already won 3 in a row.

All week I've been freaking out, trying to find a copy of the new D-Plan album, and no stores even list them, let alone carry this particular record. Finally, on Friday night, I locate a copy and listen to it on the way to the woman's play. It's total bliss. I play it for her this afternoon - she likes it, too. Everything is great. We leave her apartment in the afternoon, b/c she has to go to rehearsal, and take the NR into Manhattan. She gets off at Canal. I go to press play on my discman, but nothing happens. And I realize that I left it in her stereo.

Ah well. jdixon was kind enough to let me borrow his copy. It's so good. Ridiculously good. Freakishly good. Awesome, perhaps.

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