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yet even more bitching about work and writer's block

Is LJ down today? I can't tell whether my network is down or if LJ is down. It becomes much harder to goof off at work if LJ is on the fritz. How many times can you check what's happening in the world of baseball before you go insane?

My boss is such an ass, he's making me call people on his shitlist to bitch them out about mistakes that he made.

Wish I had brought some Beatles CDs to work. Really in the mood to hear "Abbey Road". TSAC will do for now.

I remember very distinctly the first time I ever heard TSAC. My friend Rey put on the song "Jacking the Ball" without telling me what it was. I was floored. It was so simple and unpretentious, even though Rey had kinda prepared me for an indie-rock-Chicago-hipper-than-thou sort of vibe. Soon after, I was at my friend John's apartment, incredibly high, and he played me "Nassau" and "The Biz". I freaked out. I ran down to Other Music and bought everything I could get my hands on; I don't think "The Fawn" had come out yet. I spent the better part of the rest of the year listening almost exclusively to TSAC records, so much so that whenever I sat down to write music, I'd get frustrated because it wasn't sounding as pleasing. Drove me crazy. I ended up forcing myself to not listen to them for 6 months or so. I've since gotten out of that particular block - now I'm just in a general, unmotivated block.

Which has been getting on my nerves a bit, too, and I know I've mentioned the block and my annoyance with it in pretty much every entry... I mean, aside from the fact that I spent nearly $2K on recording equipment a few months back, and about $100 to get the stuff I needed to fix it specially shipped from the manufacturer, and now it's all collecting dust in my room - recently I find that I'll pick up a guitar and just not want to play anything.

Shit. Gotta go deal w/ some emergency here.

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