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Too much craziness.

1. Bloomberg won. Which makes me 0-2 in recent elections. I can't believe the people of NYC can be so easily misled by some billionaire. It makes me sick. If people thought electing W was gonna be bad for the country, electing Bloomberg is the #1 reason why Canada suddenly looks even more appealing.

2. Baseball contraction/realignment. Why Minnesota and not, say, the Devil Rays? Plus, if the Twins and Expos actually do disappear, here's what will happen, according to ESPN:

Q: If Montreal and Minnesota fold, that leaves each league with an odd number of teams -- 13 in the American League, 15 in the National League. How is that resolved?

A: Realignment. Texas will move from the AL West to the AL Central, a plan that pleases Rangers owner Tom Hicks since it means more road games played within his team's own time zone, and potentially, improved TV ratings. Hicks disliked the unbalanced schedule as a member of the AL West since it meant too many late starts in Seattle, Oakland and Anaheim.

In the NL, Pittsburgh will move from the six-team Central to the NL East, filling the void left by the Expos.

And, in the biggest move of all, Arizona will move from the NL West to the AL West.

Q: Why Arizona? After all, weren't they just crowned NL champions, two weeks before becoming world champions?

A: Yes. But the Diamondbacks will be moved because they can be moved. When they were granted an expansion franchise, it was with the provision that they -- along with fellow expansionite Tampa Bay -- could be relocated without objection in their first five years.

That clock is ticking, and if the Diamondbacks aren't moved now, they could fight it in the future.

3. I hate work. And I'm tired of giving myself these half-hearted motivational speeches to make music my #1 priority again. Very frustrating.

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