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What an awful waste of time. And today was utterly ridiculous, in terms of incompetence and stupidity. I was in the main waiting room, and my name was one of the last to be called to go into a "panel". For those of you who don't know, a "panel" is a selected group of about 20 jurors who go into a room and are interviewed by the lawyers of a particular case to determine who is the most impartial. Thankfully for me, I'm incredibly opinionated, so I wasn't terribly worried about actually being selected, but you never know what kind of case you're gonna have to listen to, and there's always the possibility that you'll get picked up anyway.

Anyway, so I go to this panel thing at like 10:30. The case involves a (presumably) older gentleman who apparently slipped and fell on an icy sidewalk in 1994. He is suing the proprietor of the business that resided in front of the sidewalk, the landlord of that building, and the City of New York. The plaintiff's lawyer was this incredibly old man who was revealing a bit too much about the case, and the defendants pretty much hauled him out of the room before he said anything else to make sure with a judge that the jury wasn't tampered with. 20 minutes later, they came back and started picking our names out of a little box. By now, I already knew that I was biased against the plaintiff:

1. I don't feel sorry for anybody who falls victim to gravity.
2. In the blizzard of 1994, the snow and ice were piling up so fast that nobody should have been outside, let alone walkig around, let alone walking around and falling all over the place.
3. In my personal opinion, New York City currently has more important things to worry about than some old man who fell 7 years ago.

So, if they had picked my name, that's what I would've told them, and they probably would have excused me from the trial, which means that I could go back to the main waiting area and possibly not get called for another case. However, my name wasn't called until 4:30pm. The courts close at 5. By this point they've already selected 5 of the 6 jurors, and they picked me as an alternate. But, since it was 4:30, they decided that they wouldn't have enough time to interview me, and I got to leave. And when I got to the main waiting area, they told me I was done with my civic duty as a juror.


Now I'm sipping some ice-cold Jaeger and in a few minutes I'm gonna start packing up my music stuff - I'm off to jam with some friends at 9pm, which I'm incredibly excited about. I haven't played with other musicians in abour 5 months, and I certainly haven't played loudly through an amp in that time, either. So it figures to be an eventful evening, after a euphoric ride home from Queens Civil Court.

Totally off topic: does anyone here have a PalmPilot, and if so, have you used the PalmLJ client? I can't seem to get it to work. In retrospect, I would have loved to have been able to describe the feeling of exasperation I had this afternoon.

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