Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Last night's Stella was fantastic. Matt Besser (of UCB fame) did a great bit reading letters he's received from his downstairs neighbors; Janeane Garafolo had a fart machine; David Cross related some Thanksgiving stories; Colin Quinn mumbled through some comments about the war; and the boys (Showalter, Wain, and Black) were in top form. There was a short film shown about raking leaves that was nearly too funny.

Anyway. Rather than bitch about work, or how much I'd love to be sleeping right now, or how little I'm looking forward to getting my driver's license renewed after work today, I'd like to attempt to psyche myself up for my gig next week, and the subsequent recording project with my stepbrother in (hopefully) January. I've been reading jmg77's entries about going into the studio with his band for the last month or so, mostly with a sense of encouragement and nostalgia, but for some reason this morning I read his entry with a sense of envy and maybe jealousy. I miss being in a band. I've been in a writing rut for a little while because I had altered my writing style to fit in with this looping thing I'm currently doing, instead of just writing, period. Looping is interesting, certainly, and it makes my solo gigs unique, but still - I've gotta put a band together, and when I do, I've gotta have songs that move on their own.

And then there's the EP that I'm supposed to record in January. My step-brother has been really busy lately, so it keeps getting pushed back, but I was able to give him a tape of my last gig over Thanksgiving and hopefully by now he's heard it. If we can commit to some dates, then that'll be something to really look forward to and get motivated for. Once I have a kick-ass EP, booking gigs and approaching important people will become a lot easier. Right now I have no product, so there's really nothing to talk about. But even just thinking that I will have product gets me excited.

Ok. I have succeeded in getting myself psyched up. I am ready to rock. I have 6 more hours of work, and then however long it takes me to deal with the X-Press DMV on the other side of Manhattan, but when I get home, baby, I'm gonna play until I pass out. THAT'S something to look forward to.

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