Señor Grumblecakes (jervo) wrote,
Señor Grumblecakes

Oh joy, calloo callay, I'm gonna be at work until midnight. The good news: it's at a higher hourly rate, and it counts towards overtime. The bad news: isn't it painfully obvious?

So, to further elaborate on yesterday's entry, Saturday night was a monumental night - my mom and stepfather met the woman's parents for the first time, and they seemed to like each other. Certainly there weren't any awkward pauses. I got pretty drunk.

After that, we went to the woman's cast party, which was nearby. Got smashed on margaritas. Took me 20 minutes to catch a cab, afterwards; there was one moment where an empty cab drove right past me to pick up 2 girls right behind me. And of course, by this point, I was really needing to pee. Somehow, I managed to not explode and crawled into my apartment at around 3am.

Sunday was mostly hungover, as a result. Finished playing
Max Payne
, which was absolutely incredible. Worked on 2 new songs, plus a new George Harrison cover. "All Things Must Pass" is too obvious a choice, even though I've gigged with it long before he passed on - right now I'm working on a looped version of "Isn't It a Pity", which would be great if I can get it together. Of course, I'll be losing tonight, so...

Mondays suck.

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