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Just got off the phone w/ the woman, who gave me some lyric brainstorming ideas. Thanks, baby!

Still frustrated, though. This lyric block is getting disgusting. And it occurs to me that there's a very simple reason why I don't think I have anything to say, which is basically that I haven't really accumulated a great deal of life experience. [Whoa. Right now "Like Spinning Plates" just came on, which is just ridiculously beautiful. Please pardon any sudden bursts of incoherency.] 2001 has been one of my most anti-social years, girlfriend-notwithstanding. If I ever plan on writing great lyrics - or, hell, even good ones - I've gotta get out of my apartment and, if not actively participate in something, at least have something happen. Right, of course, I sorta DID see the whole 9/11 thing with my own eyes, and as a result I've been part of a huge moment in history, but even in spite of that I feel like I don't have any perspective on it - I'm still inside it, I'm not in any position to look at it and what it's done to the people around me. I also don't really know that I want to sing about that stuff, anyway.

Perhaps, it ultimately comes down to this: I should probably open myself up a bit more. I do a pretty good job of clamping down on a lot of emotions and thoughts; the lyric-writing process actually illustrates this a little too literally, as I edit myself even before my pen scrapes along the page. I don't even know if I can quantify how many words I've stopped myself from writing, but I'm sure that over the last 2 years it could've filled up a lot more than 1 blank journal.

Case in point. I just finished writing the sentence "One of these days I'm gonna write my new year's resolutions here" but I don't really feel like getting into that right now. And I'm asking myself why not. And the truth is: I don't know. So maybe we'll toss out some ideas.

1. 1 gig every month, at least.
2. Start and finish the EP.
3. Make more money without losing any more sanity.
5. See my girlfriend more than once a week.
6. Put a band together and gig before the end of the year.
7. Every week, put a $20 bill safely away in my desk and don't touch it.
8. Eat better.
9. See a doctor.
10. Get glasses fixed.
11. Pay off debts.

That sounds like enough to start on.

Good night.

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