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“So it's Sunday evening and I'm in the car on my way home from what is... I guess it's the last Good Evening rehearsal. We were working on a song and we got into another argument... and then the question was put, like, "Are we gonna keep putting ourselves through this?" And I just said, "No, I'm not doing any more."

It's kind of weird to be posting this over the phone. I just... I can't seem to reach anyone. I'm 20 minutes away from my computer, but I guess I just wanted to get it out while it was still fresh.

I'm sort of in shock, I guess, even though it needed to happen... obviously, anyone who's reading this knows that it's been sort of a ? situation for a while. Even though the music was really good, there was so much bullshit going on. And... it's just sad.

It really does feel like breaking up with someone. And I was even having that dilemma where I knew I was gonna take a car home so I could take my pedals, but I didn't know whether or not to take my amp home. Which is sort of like, I guess, when you've been living with someone and you're breaking up and you're wondering when you take your clothes and your toothbrush and all that stuff. But it's a little different, because it's a $900 amplifier that weighs like 60 pounds.

Anyway, I'll talk more about this tomorrow in depth, but I needed to say what I wanted to say. I don't even know if I said anything. Good night.”

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full life

Voice Post: Phone post #1; drummer audition recap

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“So this is my inaugural phone post experience. I'm doing this for several reasons; one because I just wanted to try it out, because I have the feature and I've never done it; number two - I'm totally swamped at work and I can't be bothered to type all this shit, and thirdly, my neighbor is fucking driving me up the wall so if I'm going to rant I'm going to do it somewhere else.

Anyway, the drummer audition last night - it was interesting? The dude is 48 years old, he has, you know, kids and owns an apartment on the Upper West Side... really nice guy... didn't really know a lot of music that we listen to, but he likes the Loose Fur album of all things... When I asked him what he liked to listen to, the first thing that came out of his mouth was Peter Gabriel-era Genesis - which is great, I mean, I'm a big fan of that, but.. anyway, the other thing is that he was sort of good for a 48 year old guy, I mean he clearly worked on the songs that we asked him to play, but, you know... he couldn't maintain a consistent tempo, definitely slowed a lot of things down, and because we're sort of insane, and Mike in particular is a Tempo Nazi - how do you tell a 48 year old guy to, you know, not drag the beat without being worried that you're gonna get grounded or something? So, there's that.

But, I mean it wasn't a horrific experience, but it was definitely, you know... not.. going to be... a thing. That's the part where if I was typing this out I would have deleted it and maybe said that a little bit better, but I'm outside now and the fresh air is sort of messing up my brain. Anyway, I'm now going to get lunch and hopefully this thing will work. Bye.”

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